Storycatchers Live: Flirting with Disaster

Join us for a live storytelling event where members of the community become storytellers sharing (mostly) true stories, surrounding the theme: ‘Flirting with Disaster'. You DO NOT need to tell a story to join in the fun! After all, a story isn’t a story without someone to tell it to.

Deadline: February 10th

We want your story of good intentions gone wrong. Of the people you date, the jobs you've had, vacations you planned or DIDN'T Plan... all the ways things didn't go according to plan.

Tips for Interested Tellers:
• You DO NOT need to be a professional storyteller, or even have told a story in public before. 
• Submit your story OR 2-min recorded story pitch to by February 10th to be considered. 
• Stories should be right around 5 minutes. This is tough! Practice by timing yourself.
• Stories can be in all formats – memorized, written, top-of-your-head, song.. you just have to be open to sharing from your experience.
• Stories should be (mostly) true and circle the theme loosely. Don’t let the theme constrict you. This can be a starting point or central focus, it’s up to you.
• Stories should be from your personal experience. Please remember if discussing things such as religion and politics to do so through the lense of your personal experience, do not assume or expect the audience to have your same value system. Storycatchers is open to all beliefs and reserves the right to ask for modifications or to not include stories that do not follow these guidelines.

Interested tellers will hear about placement after the February 10th deadline. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions before sending. We welcome both new and return tellers. (Preference will be made for first-time tellers and story variety.) Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before! This pre-submission process just allows for flow of stories and themes, we welcome and encourage ALL voices. We all have stories to tell!

Tips for Curious Listeners:
• Be prepared for a treat! Stories have a way of surprising you, breaking your heart and mending it all in one tale. These events are just as fun for the listeners as they are the tellers. 
• We’ll try to leave a spot or two for day of draw-your-name-from-a-hat story spots.
• Stay as long or for as little as you’d like.

This event is open to the public, and all are welcome and encouraged to submit to be a storyteller. Since authenticity and true life experience is the main focus of the night, story content will not be guaranteed to be appropriate for all. 

Storycatchers is dedicated to the sharing of our community stories through Live events, recordings, workshops, written works and more. Storycatchers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. You can find out more on our website