Storycatchers Presents: Love Notes

Join us for a live storytelling event where members of the community become storytellers sharing (mostly) true stories, surrounding this month’s theme: ‘Love Notes.' You DO NOT need to tell a story to join in the fun! After all, a story isn’t a story at all without someone to tell it to. 

DEADLINE: February1st

This month we'll celebrate love in all its many forms. First loves, heartbreak, everlasting love and most decidedly not. These stories do NOT have to be about romantic love. Take us to the mountain top vista you climbed in college, to the kitchen sink washing dishes with your grandma. We're celebrating love- in all its themes and variations.

All interested storytellers should submit their story in writing OR via recorded 2-minute story pitch to by February 1st. Stories should be (mostly) true, based on the event theme (loosely or closely- up to you), and around the 5 minute mark. This time goes fast~ practice with a timer going so that you don't have to worry wrapping up 10 years in 10 seconds the night of the event. 

Interested tellers will hear about placement and more details after the February 1st deadline. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions before sending. We welcome both new and returning tellers to submit, so don’t worry if you’ve never done this before. This preprocess just allows for flow of stories and themes, we welcome and encourage ALL voices. We all have stories to tell! 

Tips for Interested Tellers:
• You DO NOT need to be a professional storyteller, or ever have told a story in public before. We welcome all voices.
• Submit your story outline or 2 min story pitch recording by February 1st. We will leave a few slots for day of the event for draw a name from a hat of interested storytellers.
• Stories should be around 5 mins. in length (your hosts will be watching the time and let you know when you’re reaching your mark). It goes quicker than you think!
• Stories can be in all formats: Memorized, top-of-your-head, written – you just need to be willing to share from your experience.
• Stories should be (mostly) true and circle this month’s theme loosely. Don’t let the theme constrict you. This can be a starting point or central focus, it’s up to you.

Tips for Listeners:
• Be prepared for a treat! Stories have a way to surprise you, break your heart and mend you all in one tale. We encourage you to engage with the story and the teller.
• We’ll build in a few breaks as well to get up and move around. That said, stay as little or long as you can.

This event is open to the public, and all are welcome to both listen and are encouraged to submit to be a storyteller (with an understanding that since not all stories are heard before hand, content cannot be guaranteed appropriate for all).

The purpose of Storycatchers is to create community through shared story space, believing that we all have stories to tell. Join us for live storytelling events where members of the community share mostly true tales based off that event’s theme- stop in and record your story at Storycatchers session studios- or watch for workshops and sessions to explore your own story through writing. 

Any questions regarding Storycatchers, this event specifically, and to pitch your story idea to be included as a teller – please contact Tara Pohlkotte at | | Storycatchers