Monday, November 20, 2017

7 – 8:30 pm

Open mike follows featured readers.  FREE and Open to the Public!

Bobbie Lee Lovell’s book, Proposition at the Walk-In Infinity Chamber, is the product of a personal growth and healing process. These poems are about relationships, decision-making and resilience. Pivotal moments from dating to divorce are infused with ekphrastic (visual art) and speculative (sci-fi/fantasy) elements.


Laura Winkelspecht has appeared in Clementine Poetry JournalNEAT, and One Sentence Poems, among others. She is a poet and writer from Wisconsin who writes with the hope of finding some lightning among the lightning bugs. Follow her on Twitter @lwinkelspecht.


There is limited parking in front of the Draw; leave this for those who have difficulty with the longer walk from the larger parking lot which is on E. Newberry, on the south side of the building, across the bridge/lock.