Got some writing that you've been working on and want some fresh eyes and ears to run it past? Maybe you just want to actually do that writing you've been meaning to do. Do you just want to meet others who are drawn to telling stories (in all formats)? Still want to submit for Storycatchers Live event, but want some help? Please join us for our January meet up at The Draw.

5:00-6:00pm Group Discussion:Both seasoned writers and never-have-written are welcome to participate in this discussion to learn, discover, explore and connect. 

6:00-7:00pm Writing and Sharing/Feedback: Participants have the opportunity to dedicate time on to get some writing done, or to participate in sharing and feedback small groups. Groups will be formed the day of off of what the participants are looking for (to hear out-loud for the first time, feedback on style or voice, etc.) 

**These hours are meant to be loose. Want to come and just write for the two hours? Come on in! New to writing or not sure where to start with telling your stories come and join us! Can't make it for the whole time? No worries! Come and go as you need.**